Nerv Finance

NERV Finance — An introduction

NERV Finance is a brand new decentralized AMM exchange and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Our mission is to build a healthier, more sustainable deflationary tokenomics system that can benefit our users and token holders permanently.

Google forms for air drop will be held in the telegram group on March 9, 3:00AM UTC.

Website: (website might be up or down due to being worked on)


Fair Launch, No Pre-mine

1. Burning Mechanism

  • deposit fee will be charged at staking.
  • 25–50% of the deposit fee will be used to purchase NERV and then be burned.(devs got bills too)

2. Rugpull Migrator Code Removed
Our MasterChef forked from Goose Finance which removed migrator code and has been audited. Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds when farming.

3. Security

  • Timelock added to the MasterChef contract at launch (24 hours).
  • Migrator code was removed from the MasterChef contract.
  • Contracts are forked from Goose Finance

Tokenomics: We all know the usual story of a farming coin on BSC, coin launches, generally stealth launch, word gets out token takes off, then the coin crashes, and everyone that can moves on. Nerv hopes to alleviate this with a couple modifications to the usual set up to the BSC farming coin.

The first being that in there will only be 100 tokens initially minted, and 90% of them will be airdropped. This not only solves the problem of lock or unlocked LPs but will allow the community to decide the initial starting price. Perhaps someone will start it at 1 NERV = 5 BNB or some one could set it extremely low.

Second being the emission rate. Usually a token will double or triple in supply in an hour or two, while doing this impacting the buy pressure of the token causing it to slowly bleed out and die. NERV hopes to solve this by initially(perhaps permanently) having a low emission rate per block. The planned emission rate per block will be .003 NERV per block. This will hopefully cause a low enough supply and high enough demand to allow for buy pressure to be stronger than sell pressure for farmers or traders.

A breakdown of the air drop distribution is as follows:

total tokens minted(initially): 100

Dev/Team: 10 tokens — 10% of supply (Team consist of Dev and the moderator; Dev will stake his 8 tokens at launch, and will likely burn all rewards and tokens, should token do well)

Influencers/Marketing- 30 tokens- 5 tokens per if cap of 6 influencers are reached. (Please contact Gendo Ikari “dev” concerning reserving a spot, there are requirements, he can discuss further)

Airdrop/community- 60 tokens- 3 tokens per, there will be a cap of 20 people in the airdrop and this will be curated as well, to avoid senseless dumping once liquidity is added.

The team looks forward to a successful project and everything launching soon. Please stop by the telegram to meet our already growing community.